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HOL! showcases his best in Lost Boy EP on Disciple Round Table

FBI's first Riddim Review features its inaugural article on the French artist HOL! and his most recent four-track release

Welcome to the first edition of Riddim Reviews by Jalen. This monthly review series will feature some of the wonkiest, filthiest and most innovative riddim releases around the world. Today, we're hyped to dive in to Disciple Round Table's latest release from rising star HOL! the Lost Boy EP.

After coming on to the scene in a big way in 2020 with tracks like Karate Chop, Disco Riddim, Cosmic Sub, and his remix of ID for Monxx and Automhate, the man from France gained attention from some pretty big names in 2020. It was only a matter of time before he would get his first EP release from a big-time label. That’s what we get here with the Lost Boy EP.

Starting up with Miss Riddim, another one of those creatively named tracks that everybody was super excited hear in its entirety, the man did it not disappoint. This super bouncy track serves as a spicy opener that had me bopping my head and body to the beat.

The second track, Lost Boy, features a quick build of only 0:25 before getting to the first drop. This one is just as bouncy as the first. The little “oooooo” in the background of the song is a fantastic addition to the song that will have you singing along to that part with each time you listen to it.

French producer Ganon appears on Space Cowboys with HOL!

The third track, Space Cowboys with fellow Frenchman Ganon. This is another one that has a tight build of about 0:26. This one is my personal favorite on the EP, and one that you will definitely be hearing everywhere you go once we get shows and festivals back. With multiple fake-outs throughout, and the longest track on the EP, this will most certainly have you dancing around your house or wherever you are listening!

Wrapping up with its final track, Punk, features a climactic introduction that leads into one of the most headbanging-like tracks of the entire release, while also still bouncing like the rest. These elements tie it all together and make it different in its own way from the rest of the tracks on this EP.

So overall, this EP continues to prove that HOL! Is a rising star in the scene to keep your eye on. If this EP has anything to say for the rest of his year, 2021 will be one of his biggest yet!

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