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NOUGHTS comes out swinging from down under on Riot Control Radio

In a gritty guest mix, Riot Control Radio's episode 028 features NOUGHTS of Queensland, Australia, who brings us a filthy dubstep-trap hybrid set. NOUGHTS is a rising star in the oceanic part of the world. He's been featured on labels such as Subsidia Records, Hybrid Trap and High Caliber and we were first attracted to his elusive production style highlighted in Time Is Running Out. He's supported artists like PhaseOne and will be opening for Leotrix later this month, promoted by Tuckshop.

We sat down and chatted with NOUGHTS

Where are you from? I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to New Zealand when I was 14. Lived there for a few years and late 2020 moved to Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

Who are your biggest inspirations? My biggest inspirations at the moment would be PhaseOne, Helasex and Automhate.

Why did you first get into EDM? I heard a electronic track on the radio when I was 14 and as soon as I got home, I did some research on how people actually make electronic music. I then found out about Digital Audio Workstations and started watching YouTube tutorials.

Who are your favorite artists and songs right now? At the moment, a lot of underground riddim producers in Australia are impressing me such as Getorix, Hickdead, Peakie and MVUNG. Tonal Riddim by Automhate would have to be my favorite song at the moment though.

Favorite venue I've played at McGuirres Hotel in Mackay, Queensland, Australia for my PhaseOne support show. They go hard for bass music, amazing team and stage setup thanks to Tuckshop.

Best show I've ever been to I've actually never been to a dubstep/bass music festival since New Zealand is so saturated with Drum and Bass, i never really enjoyed them. Lost Lands is where I'll be though.

Fun Fact For anyone that wants merch, they will have to 1v1 Flanders for it, he has the only Noughts dad hat...

Peep the full mix on Soundcloud, and be sure to give NOUGHTS a follow on socials:


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