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Disciple Round Table drops loaded compilation for 100th release

Comp features Round Table’s first-ever female solo release from Lizzy Jane

In its premiere release of 2021, Disciple Round Table unleashed a fully-loaded 23-track compilation featuring nearly three dozen rising stars. BAINBRIDGE, NVADRZ, Faytal and Tryple all came out swinging alongside several of the artists who have recently made a name for themselves in the bass music scene.

This drop features the first-ever female solo release on Disciple Round Table, Lizzy Jane’s Wild Style featuring vocalist Born I. While women have released on main label Disciple in the past, this is a first specifically for Round Table. It represents an exciting future for women pursuing top-tier bass labels such as Disciple, Never Say Die and more.

Wild Style is a spoken-word dubstep tune with lyrics that channel uplifting messages and melodic notes. The track brings positivity into listeners ears while integrating energetic electronic elements.

“Send some love to the people around you... What we do at this time affects the Earth and affects the world forever,” Born I sings. “My whole lifestyle is Wild Style.”

Lizzy Jane is optimistic that within the next decade, more women will continue to shine big. "Us women just have to remember that if we want to co-exist and sit on the same level as men in this scene, we have to put our head down and work, study, and perfect our craft" she said. "That is what will push bigger labels to want your music and want your name on their releases."

Vishal Bhanderi, label manager for Disciple Round Table, said it was the perfect closing track for the compilation. “Whenever we do the numbering, setlist for these tracks, we listen start to finish and try to write a story for these tracks. It was an easy choice to have this one as a closer because it gave a highlight of what 2020 was.”

Bhanderi said the messaging of the track is what got it signed. “Born I is a legendary vocalist in the scene, and the song’s introduction talks about how hard it has been for most people. It’s been a bad time, but it’s time to keep going,” he said.

The track's messaging inspires living a life in "Wild Style," something that Lizzy Jane says came about during the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Wild Style is living life every day to its fullest, not regretting a single thing because your heart and mind led you to do it," she said. "Not letting things such as social media, the press, the news, whatever it may be, take away the things that make you happy."

Disciple Round Table compilations have become some of the most sought after slots for upcoming bass music artists, and the label continues to grow as it's recognized as a thought leader in the scene. We're excited to see what 2021 brings, not only for Round Table, but for Lizzy Jane, Born I and all of the talented artists included in this release.



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