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Best of 2020 dubstep songs, EPs/albums and live streams

As the wild year that was 2020 is finally coming to an end, we are taking a look at the top songs, EPs/albums and live streams in bass music. These are the songs that gave us hope the world would return to normal, the EPs/albums that made us headbang from our living rooms and the streams that stood out while almost all shows were digital this year.

Major shoutout to all the artists in the game for working so hard to put out music and express themselves this year. You guys keep us going. The dubstep scene will always be our family and even though we can't name every artist or song on this list, we are always here to support and listen.

Lex from our street team mashed up all these picks into a fire 30-minute mix. Listen here:

First, let’s take a look at the top 10 songs of the year. These are outstanding for many reasons and really sum up our vibes in 2020. Never forget Excision and Slander rinsing Your Fault essentially all year until finally dropping it in November. Papa Khan has commanded the respect of the electronic dance music world and is sure to blow up in 2021. Here are our top songs of the year:

Honorable mention:

Next, we have the best EPs/albums of the year, featuring overall outstanding tracks from front to back. These tracks made us feel some type of way and it's clear how hard these artists have worked to express themselves this year:

Honorable mention:

With most shows happening remotely in 2020, there were so many unique streams and setups that stood out. Artists really took their production to the next level with unmatched creativity that we'd never seen before, even taking to Twitch for label announcements and such. These streams are pushing the EDM industry forward. Here are the top dubstep live streams of 2020:

Honorable mention:

Despite the world seemingly crumbling around us with coronavirus and so many other crazy things, 2020 was great year for dubstep! These artists really made up for the rest of the terrible year we had and gave us hope that shows will return sooner rather than later. Catch you at the rave in 2021! ️

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