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Casey Jones showcases dynamic talents in Violent World EP

With a perfectly timed EP release in what many now-a-days are calling a literal violent world, Producer Casey Jones just dropped a multi-genre, 4-track EP titled Violent World that features an assortment from the EDM spectrum. Written mostly while quarantined in Las Vegas, these are Casey Jones’ self-proclaimed “best songs I’ve ever done” that feature killer vocals, electro house and even a little drum and bass.

Beginning with Speed Demon, an energetic speed house creation, voices shout into an accelerated drop with massive festival vibes, transporting listeners to a violent wasteland inside their heads. “This one holds so much more energy than regular house,” he said. “I really enjoyed making that.”

The second track, Violent World, features vocalist BVLVNCE who both screams and sings in a build up of epic proportions. His voice echoes with hype, finding “strength in sound.”