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RZRKT's 'UNDERWORLD EP' shakes the bass scene

Get ready to dive deep into his latest 5-track masterpiece, out now Rude Service

FBI fam - get ready to have your senses shaken and your bass face unleashed because RZRKT's brand new 'UNDERWORLD EP' has landed on Rude Service. Packed with pulsating energy and bone-rattling drops, this EP is a wild journey that promises to keep bassheads on the edge of their seats.

With two tantalizing collaborations and a collection of solo tracks, this EP encapsulates the essence of bass-driven ecstasy that every true basshead craves.

The EP kicks off with a bang in 'PUNISHER,' a track that embodies the perfect synergy between RZRKT and LOUIEJAYXX. Crafted in a matter of hours, this powerhouse collaboration effortlessly blends their distinct styles into a sonic explosion that's been breaking rails for months.

RZRKT's collaboration prowess is further showcased in 'DAMAGE,' a track that reunites him with long-time friend and collaborator, FREAKY. The result is a track that lives up to its name... causing absolute DAMAGE.

Up next is 'ENEMY'. From the intense build-up that signals a storm to the raw power of the drop, this track was engineered to ignite mosh pits and incite fervent headbanging. It's a testament to RZRKT's ability to manipulate sound to create a visceral experience.

'STAY' stands out as a mesmerizing melodic gem amidst the EP's intense offerings. Having debuted at Bass Canyon, it holds a special place in RZRKT's heart, encapsulating the feeling of being exactly where one is meant to be.

The EP concludes with the titular track, 'UNDERWORLD,' formerly known as 'Atom'. As the name suggests, this song takes listeners on an otherworldly expedition.

"I changed the name because in reality I felt like from start to finish this song feels like your in a quest - traveling through the darkness of an empty space and then out of nowhere something unknown just attacks and takes you through a portal to an unexplainable world - the UNDERWORLD," RZRKT shared.

As the UNDERWORLD EP continues to reverberate through the airwaves, RZRKT prepares to grace the stages of some of bass music's most iconic festivals. With appearances at Bass Canyon in Washington and Lost Lands in Ohio, RZRKT is set to further solidify his place in the bass music pantheon.

The Rude Service label, spearheaded by Bear Grillz, continues its tradition of unearthing and nurturing emerging talent. RZRKT's UNDERWORLD EP serves as a testament to its commitment to delivering cutting-edge, bass-heavy experiences to listeners worldwide.

In summary, RZRKT's UNDERWORLD EP isn't just tracks, but a powerful journey into dubstep's raw, enigmatic realm. Brace for this UNDERWORLD descent.


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