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Stoned Level and Jiqui release highly anticipated collab 'Burst Stream'

If you're looking for one of the heaviest collabs of the year, you've come to the right place.

Stoned Level and Jiqui have been two of the most consistent artists from the underground for the past few years, and that consistency showed through yet again on Burst Stream, out now on all platforms.

Both artists have been busy to start 2023, with Jiqui announcing his Australian tour and Stoned Level has supported Excision at both Thunderdome and Mile High.

The best way to describe this song is authentic. The intro is menacing and prepares you for the absolutely filthy drops that ensue.

The first drop has the signature Stoned Level elements to it— a four bar fakeout, the haunting melodies he is known for and some of the stompiest dubstep you'll find anywhere in the genre. All of these things have been present in Stoned Level's meteoric rise.

The second drop has Jiqui's signature sounds stamped all over it. The crunchy and industrial sounding basses, the screaming sustain basses and the unique flows that have made Jiqui as revered as one of the top producers are on full display.

Stoned Level echoed a similar sentiment about the track and how the two Canadian-born producers' styles blended together throughout the track.

“Burst Stream brings you into a distorted universe, where chaos reigns in the darkest possible ways, Stoned Level said. This track is definitely the best combination of both our sounds and it couldn't get any darker than that.”

Jiqui also alluded to the fact that they may have some more music on the way soon in addition to this collab.

"Working with Stoned Level was super easy and fun, we both work in similar ways so this song naturally came together very easily. We may or may not have some other stuff in the works too..."

We will be keeping our eyes peeled for more to come from both of these artists, particularly the next collab they have on the way.

Stay tuned for further investigation.


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