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We're premiering the latest M?STIC sound, 'DEADSHOT'

In the name of STUNNA POSSE: M?STIC has delivered a trap anthem showing what it means to be hungry.

M?STIC is hot off the press. Not only has he made a bloodthirsty name for himself in the rising trap game, but he's coming off a slew of six, slamming Q1 releases.

His latest soundscape, DEADSHOT, symbolizes hunger and drive that has become part of his brand. This Riot Control Radio 055 alum has delivered a naughty bassline paired with deep, "rude boy" vocals that are humming in our headphones. The full release drops everywhere on April 17.

And DEADSHOT wouldn't be complete without the vocals, "It's a M?STIC sound," that we've come to love in his work.

In the last three months, M?STIC has released six songs, including a three-track EP, FELONIOUS on his own BADMOUTH RECS, and a Bassrush release called F*CK EM with OBLUE. It's clear the young trap lord is creating a carnivorous 2023.

There's just something about his brand that gives authenticity, whether it's the heavy-hitting Twitter ID clips or the STUNNA POSSE-curated collective.

DEADSHOT tells the story of grit, determination and hard work for those coming straight out of the gutter.

"This record is a statement that helped me capitalize on the sound I've built, as far as inspiration goes, me and my dawgs are hungry and we are here to take shit over," M?STIC said. "In other words, I made this song to showcase that energy off into each listener in the name of STUNNA POSSE."

M?STIC is the thought leader who founded STUNNA POSSE. He uses the collective to put-on rising artists who he considers family.

"A group of my brothers are getting this shit out the mud," he says, "It's a culture/group and we put people on who deserve it. We find people who are dope and have them do an all-ID mix."

Speaking of IDs, we know M?STIC is sitting on plenty. When you're done streaming the DEADSHOT premiere, spin his Riot Control Radio episode back.

And whatever he does next, our investigators will be watching.


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