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OG Nixin is bringing 'The Temple of Death' to Denver on Oct. 7 with heavy support

Hi I'm Ghost, VUlllGUR, INAKTIV and Chango will be joining the bass onslaught at Summit Music Hall.

Denver, Colorado, the true bass capital of the world, is about to experience one of the heaviest riddim shows of the year.

Live Nation and Global Dance have joined forces to deliver OG Nixin's headline show at one of Denver, Colorado's legendary downtown venues: The Summit Music Hall. Headbangers and riddim rats should set their calendars for Saturday, Oct. 7 because we are expecting a citation-worthy night of music.

OG Nixin has set a high bar for this headline show, enlisting a killer lineup of support acts to ensure that this night is etched into your memory.

Special guest Hi I'm Ghost will be joining the headbanging assault, along with VUlllGUR, INAKTIV and Chango, who have been attracting the attention of the bass community all summer long.

hi im ghost, vulllgur and inaktiv

OG Nixin's The Temple of Death tour was just announced, and Denver has secured its place as one of the lucky 12 tour stops. But Summit isn't just any tour stop; it's a chance for Denver to continue to prove why it's renowned as the real bass capital of the world.

OG Nixin and tour flyer

OG Nixin has teased brand-new visuals, exclusive tour merch and unreleased tracks that require further investigation from our agents. The Dubstep FBI's riddim unit already has a warrant out for OG Nixin's arrest and you might catch us handing out citations on site.

October 7 is the date, Summit Music Hall is the venue, and The Temple of Death is the experience.

See you there!


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