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Our cowgirl THRASHA is back: 'Seeking & Destroying' airwaves

File this one under things we love to see.

Emerging from the depths of Denver is THRASHA, a cinematic riddim producer whose leading a female charge. She proudly represents the LGBTQ+ community as a stand-out talent in the world of dubstep.

THRASHA's latest creation, Seek & Destroy, has us on the edges of our seats, sailing the seven seas of bass looking for our targets. This self-releases serves as a solidification of the style of THRASHA's brand.

"Seek & Destroy is about setting your sights on something, (in this instance, it’s specifically about revenge), zeroing in on the enemy and taking them out," THRASHA told us.

THRASHA is someone whose known as a fervid performer.

She recently played direct support for Herobust at Temple Denver's mainroom, and riled up a sold-out crowd as support for Sullivan King in Fort Collins. Now, she's proving she can hang in the sound-crafting side of things too, through Seek & Destroy.

THRASHA playing support for RZRKT & LOUIEJAYXX in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with our friends at OneVibe.

This song captures THRASHA's signature dark, orchestral side that we've seen in previous songs like Unbeatable (another self-release) and Real or Fantasy (Rude Service).

She even went as far as to call it "the sister track to Unbeatable."

"It’s almost like a sister track to Unbeatable, because the hero overcomes obstacles and shows he’s unstoppably the best," THRASHA said. "Then, he seeks out and finds the enemy. [He's] there finishing business."

"I'm coming for you," the vocals declare. Fun fact: Your favorite FBI agent's laugh and voice is actually in the vocals for this song.

There's a clear character progression among THRASHA's brand, and it's reflected in the artwork for Seek & Destroy that features a warrior. The THRASHA tale goes:

  • Unbeatable: The warrior is the best and proves it by overcoming shit.

  • Last of Me: - He proved he is a warrior and that you WILL see him again.

  • Seek & Destroy: The warrior finally gets his revenge.

THRASHA playing for the sold-out crowd at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins (support for Sullivan King)

It's time you investigate for yourself to find out.

Seek & Destroy is a powerful release that will set the stage for THRASHA's reign. She's coming for us all with her experimental melodies and friendly heart. We'll be inspecting her next moves.

Stream Seek & Destroy on all platforms now.


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