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Premiere: ANVBIS, ZERØTONIN release thumping collab 'Triumph of the Fallen'

Screaming sustains, enormous drums, a booming sub— all with a side of psytrance. Need we say more?

ANVBIS and ZERØTONIN will release their newest track, Triumph of the Fallen, out on all platforms tonight. We have it for you a little bit early.

This collab has been a long time coming and evolved several times before the final version arrived at FBI HQ. ZERØTONIN told us a little bit about what went into making this song come together.

Triumph of the Fallen is a culmination of over a years work between ANVBIS and I. I’m beyond excited to finally release this as I think this is a perfect representation of my new sound and direction. I hope you enjoy!”

ANVBIS echoed a similar sentiment about the track when we had a chance to ask him about it.

"This track is very special to Cole and I. We've put over a years worth of work, and 28 versions have been made by the time we finally finished. I can't wait for you all to finally hear what we've been creating for so long; Thank you so much for listening!"

The song's first drop is stompy dubstep and it sounds like the second is going to be some more mind-blowing growls and sustains. However, it instead does a complete 180 and goes into some filthy psytrance instead. Take a listen below.


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