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PREMIERE: Listen to Frantik's new anthem, 'Simp Sauce,' on Disciple Round Table

The lighthearted, Cali-based producer is releasing his debut Roundtable EP. Simp Sauce is the song we chose to investigate early.

Frantik is one of those producers who doesn't take himself too seriously. Every time we hop on socials, he's got something colorful to say.

Well, his latest release is no different.

Frantik's upcoming Disciple Round Table EP, Simp Sauce, will be dropping this Friday, Dec. 9. However, we've got our hands on a premiere of the title track a day early for you to listen.

Simp Sauce starts out with a melodic intro reminiscent of his track, Another Life, which came out earlier this year on Emengy.

Frantik said that most of the EP was made 1-2 years ago and he was excited to see it come out in 2022.

"I was on the remix competition in 2020, then released on two of the [Roundtable] compilations this year," Frantik said. "The EP was signed pretty early this year, so I'm glad to see it coming out before the year is over."

He also told us that Simp Sauce is the sister track of Another Life, and that he made this tune the same day.

"I worked on the songs and finished both of them at the same time," he said. "I really like making the melodic fake-outs with long intros, and I decided to make two songs at the time."

Frantik is known on social media for being funny and posting lots of memes and decided to carry that sense of humor into the lead-up for the EP.

"I have always done music for fun and I try not to take myself too seriously," Frantik said. "I really like the classic brostep sound from 2012-2015 when things were a little more fun and people took themselves a little less seriously. I try to stay that way in my music and in my life as well."

The full EP tracklist is below:

Still In Love

Ultra Power

Simp Sauce

Fuzz Brawl

Crumpet Busterz


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