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PREMIERE: Herobust's 'Watch Your Mouth' chews us up and spits us out

We got our hands on this loud-mouthed song that captures everything we love about Herobust.

Hot off several dates on the Built Different Tour, long-standing EDM legend Herobust has released a monumental song that flexes his well-known sound design.

Watch Your Mouth is an asteroid headed straight for your speaker. Our FBI agents have intercepted the signal and are giving you a chance to hear it early via this premiere.

It's a head-nodding tune that captures everything we love about Herobust's discography. Watch Your Mouth was an opportunity for him to capture themes around real-life, mouth-like sounds, and he nailed it.

Be prepared to absorb a catchy tune, as the pre-drop vocal "Watch your —" cuts in and out, tumbling around our ear holes. In our heads, a chomping pair of dentures is snapping back and forth to the beat. The song's last few drops feature spicy jungle techno, triggering our thirst to hear it on MainStage speakers.

Herobust told us that he likes to play with themes in his music, while building on sound design that resembles real-life noise. He sees the intro, outro and vocals as opportunities to hammer that connection home.

"Dirty Work, for example, was written and based around one bass patch that sounded like a drill," Herobust said. "Watch Your Mouth came together just like that. Mouthlike sounds obviously aren't new to dubstep, but I think my take on it is pretty cool."

He started Busted Records 10 years ago in 2013 as an imprint for his independent releases. More recently, Herobust has capped off the Built Different Tour that featured 17 dates around North America.

In the last few years, he's slowed down touring in order to have better work-life balance. He said that fact has made his sets better.

"Now, with my shows more spaced out, I have time to miss it the way fans do," Herobust said. "I have time to crave it the way fans do. When you hit the stage matching a crowd's energy like that they can feel it. All the new music is great, but nothing moves people more than feeling connected like that."

We can see how all of this would improve his production, too. Listen to Watch Your Mouth and hear it for yourself in the latest Dubstep FBI premiere.


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