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FBI PREMIERE: Stryer's 'Under The Tide' (feat. SOUNDR) drops a day early

Stryer flexes skills in heavy dubstep production, accompanied by SOUNDR's gorgeous vocals, on Rude Service Records.

In an exclusive preview of Stryer and SOUNDR's upcoming release, we've got our hands on Under The Tide, a heavier departure from his recent emotional sounds on Rude Service Records.

Beginning with a cinematic intro and an ethereal SOUNDR vocal, Stryer switches it up, capturing the headbanging spirit within. Under The Tide goes into a dubstep drop reminiscent of Zomboy, rather than the Illemium-esque inspiration Stryer generally draws from.

Under The Tide will be available on Soundcloud via the Dubstep FBI premiere today, and will be out on all platforms on Tuesday, May 17.

Stryer indicated that we can look forward to more of this sound in the future when we had a chance to speak with him about the track.

"Under The Tide was an incredibly fun tune to work on," Stryer said. "I originally wrote the instrumental and sent to SOUNDR, who wrote and sang these absolutely insane vocals to help with the epicness of the song. It’s a little bit more heavy than some of my usual stuff but really showcases my signature dubstep sound that I want to continue pushing moving forward, along with the normal pretty stuff."


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