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PREMIERE: Things get Ugly with the latest dubstep development out of Mexico

Ugly Lungs' new song, 'HARDWARE,' has been leaked to FBI agents just before the biggest dubstep show south of the border in June.

When one asks where the bass capital is, it's not often that Mexico comes to mind; However, now a days — that might not be too far off.

The gritty-yet-authentic duo known as Ugly Lungs is making noise in Nuevo León, Mexico, just south of Texas. They are becoming well-known Dubstep FBI alumni after being featured as guests on Riot Control Radio 053.

Today, they've leaked a copy of their latest song, HARDWARE, to our FBI agents. And this one will satiate your quench for malicious bass music.

Blending experimental and deep trap, HARDWARE's soundscape forms a metaphorical circle around our speakers. Not only does this song bring us back to a time — COVID — where the world was ominously still, but it drops into forward-thinking beats that signal apocalyptic futures.

Talent has been bubbling out of Mexico lately, due in part to thought leaders like Jessica Audiffred who not only founded A Records, but is now throwing insane shows down there, too.

She's hosting Mad House: DOOM in Mexico City on June 3 where Ugly Lungs will be performing alongside Infekt, Versa, Funtcase and other pioneers of the modern dub sound. We're expecting them to drop HARDWARE during their set; and if you hear it, you better tag us in videos.

The Ugly Lungs boys said that HARDWARE symbolizes a positive change of pace.

"Hardware takes place in a time where things were changing for us on many ways (the locked up situation)," Ugly Lungs said. "The world was changing and artists we looked at as idols were beginning to talk to us, people started to notice our existence."

They said the song was born out of a "session" — and that was when they realized they made something special.

Well, we think this one is special, too. HARDWARE is out everywhere May 5, 2023, pre-save it here:


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