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Project Seismic partners with End Overdose for fundraiser event alongside Hekler, Blurrd Vzn & more

The San Diego-based collective has raised over $7,000 and delivered a spectacular event in support of a noble cause.

While large-scale music festivals are always a blast, nothing quite compares to the tight-knit, homegrown energy of a robust local music scene.

This energy was put on full display in San Diego, California, recently as local promoter Project Seismic and non-profit organization End Overdose spearheaded a special fundraiser show on January 27. The event, which featured established bass artists such as Hekler and Blurrd Vzn, took place at Break Point in Pacific Beach.

In total, $7,328 was raised for End Overdose, with $1,338 from an Instagram-based ticket giveaway and $5,989 from the show itself.

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

The night also included several local and out-of-state supporting acts, including bd hbt, BLAOW!, PKR, and a B3B between Avalon, Roses Grimoire and Shortcvke. Each artist brought their own flavor of bass music to the table and put on some fantastic performances. Every resource involved in this event was donated, including the artists’ sets, stage and visual production, audio and lighting equipment and media coverage.

In addition, 100 percent of ticket sales from this event went directly to End Overdose, whose mission is to end drug-related overdose deaths through education, medical intervention and public awareness.

Since its inception in 2017, the organization has worked to streamline training on how to use naloxone, a critical medication used in the reversal of opioid overdoses.

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

According to CDC data, drug-related overdoses are the leading cause of death for adults ages 18-45. Synthetic opioids, mainly fentanyl, are the root cause of around two-thirds of these deaths.

In 2023 alone, End Overdose trained over 216,000 people to administer naloxone and distributed around 167,000 doses of the life-saving drug. Some of the artists and organizations in the electronic scene who have come forward in support of End Overdose include Illenium, HVDES, Excision Presents and Insomniac Events.

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

At Project Seismic’s fundraiser event, volunteers from End Overdose provided free naloxone and fentanyl testing strips, as well as comprehensive training to help people become certified to administer naloxone. These trainings include education on how to identify the signs of an opioid overdose and how to respond swiftly and properly.

Blurrd Vzn, who played direct support for the show, made a call to action for their fellow artists to continue voicing their support for ending the epidemic of opioid overdose.

"We as artists need to continue spreading awareness about the dangers of overdose and how we can protect one another in the music scene to keep our community safe,” Blurrd Vzn said.

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

Shortly after the show’s conclusion, Hekler, the evening’s headliner, spoke candidly about the event and gave a powerful message to other local promoters about getting involved in working to eradicate the issue of opioid overdose.

“It just personally means a lot to me being able to be here and bring people together for such a good cause,” Hekler said. “Local promoters, seriously: get involved, take care of the people that come out to the shows, and show support…It’s the most important thing you can do.”

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

It was heartwarming to see first-hand how the San Diego bass community came together for a common cause, with Project Seismic, Pirate Pandas, San Diego Unified Bass District, Electric Syndicate, and Odd1 Artistry joining forces and compiling resources to make this special night so successful.

The collective hard work put in by everyone involved, no matter how big or small their roles were, demonstrated the importance of prioritizing the safety of the local community.

While the road to ending the epidemic of opioid overdose is a long one, events like this are a massive step forward in increasing awareness and providing the necessary education to help curb it.

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

According to the CDC, nearly 40 percent of overdose deaths could have been prevented if someone nearby had naloxone and knew how and when to use it. Sobering statistics like this illustrate how crucial End Overdose’s work to increase access to free naloxone is in fighting the ongoing battle against opioid overdose and saving countless lives.

"Everyone deserves that chance to get their life back if something were to go wrong," Hekler said. "The resources from End Overdose are truly life-saving."

Photo courtesy of @tylerthephotoguy

Fundraising initiatives such as this highlight the importance of taking action within one’s community to spread awareness and empower others to protect one another. Nina Weisbrod, Project Seismic’s operations manager, hopes this event can be a catalyst for further support for this cause on a local, national and worldwide level.

“It has been inspiring to see the community come together to support End Overdose's life-saving work,” Weisbrod said. “I hope this show inspires others in the music scene to join this extremely important movement. No one else has to die.”

If you're interested in obtaining free naloxone and/or fentanyl test strips, visit and complete their free opioid overdose response training.


Bass music news reporter Dylan Cunningham can be found on Instagram and Twitter. 

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