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A New Dawn: Prosecute redefines his sound with 'Crimson Verdict'

This one is what it would sound like if a wrecking ball could come crashing through your speakers.

Prosecute entered a new era with Crimson Verdict, a metal driven dubstep track which marks his rawest and heaviest sounds to date, out now on all platforms.

The track opens with a dark and sinister intro and a chugging guitar riff on the low E string. The drums are massive and only add to the hype and heaviness. The bass shakes the subwoofers. That's been the metal playbook on how to make a heavy track for the last half of a century—and it was no different here.

Prosecute builds off of this energy to release one of the heaviest drops you've ever heard. Rather than the raw electricity and speed of Vastive's metal-infused dubstep, this one builds off of it's sludge metal influences and is a bit slower and heavier. Think of Svdden Death or Samplifire, which would be a more apt comparison for the sound.

The second that the drop starts on this track, the track is like a runaway train. It continually picks up steam and continues to get heavier and heavier throughout for the rest of the song.

Prosecute told us a little bit about why this song is key to the next stage of his development as an artist.

"With this track I was committed to encapsulating the next chapter of my sound. I think more than ever I feel more connected to the identity of this project and I can't wait to share the rest of that vision as the year progresses," Prosecute said.

This song will be tearing up stages as soon as this month. Prosecute will be supporting Ubur and Phiso on the west coast on their Divergence Tour. Beyond that, he will be going B2B with Yakz at Valley of Darkness for Svdden Death's 2023 Red Rocks show.

This song will be blowing out our speakers for the rest of 2023. Stay tuned to see what Prosecute has up his sleeve the rest of 2023.


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