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Raptorum conjures up the darkness with 'Summoning EP' on Buygore Records

It's here— and it's cinematic, horror influenced and heavy.

Raptorum released his two track debut EP, Summoning, out now on Buygore Records.

The EP is more of what people who have seen Raptorum live expect. It is incredibly cinematic, dark and heavy. Svdden Death, MUERTE and Jkyl & Hyde all come to mind for comparisons of the sound we get on Summoning.

It is comprised of two tracks, Sunday Service and Headstone which each build toward the theme the Tampa-based producer was aiming for. He told us a little bit about the vision he had for the project when we had a chance to catch up with him.

"My debut EP Summoning is a vision I have had for a while. I have gained inspiration from dark horror movies and film scoring which has manifested through my music almost like 'scenes' in my head, Raptorum said." "Combining methods like this I feel has really brought me into my sound and having the ability to be creative consistently. I'm so excited for everyone to hear it!"

This seems to just be the beginning for Raptorum who has been busy with shows this year, playing direct support for Louiejayxx, RZRKT, Vastive and MUERTE. He was also on the Timewarp NYE Orlando lineup along with VLCN, Aweminus, Jkyl & Hyde and HOL!.

Keep your eyes on Raptorum, we know we will.


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