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Ray Volpe pairs with Donna Tella for their Ophelia debut 'Meant To Be Lonely'

Following a worldwide takeover with Laserbeam, the talented producer and vocalist team up for a bonafide heartfelt banger.

With numerous eyes and ears added to our agency recently, our senses have never been more sharp for those who bring their unique skill and sound to the industry. The Filthy Beat Inspectors are always on the lookout for releases to quench our insatiable thirst for bass music.

Dubstep FBI's awareness spans across all subgenres of bass music, including the show-stopping ethereal sounds of melodic bass. Ophelia Records and their artists continue to be on our radar as well as their meteoric rise of popularity across our community. In just five years, Ophelia has become one of the hottest labels in electronic music thanks to its tight-knit community and ability to connect fans of melodic bass, dubstep and beyond.

With his latest release, Ray Volpe continues his astronomical rise through the ranks of the dubstep and bass music as a whole. The chimes and overall notes from 'Meant To Be Lonely' guide the emotional character of the track.

Although not meant as an uplifting track of bringing two people together, the beats and rhythmic patterns paired with the vocals of Donna Tella following the drops have this track characterizing a tough journey set ahead for a troubling relationship.

Ray Volpe
'Meant To Be Lonely' marks the first solo release by red hot dance music producer Ray Volpe on Ophelia. The dubstep act just finished his debut headline tour with multiple sell out dates and is soon to embark on an international tour.

Donna Tella
Dance pop singer & songwriter Donna Tella completes the track with love drunk vocals about a complicated relationship that leaves its members lonely together. With a raw authenticity and perspective that Donna credits to the post-traumatic effects from her illness that almost completely hindered her ability to walk, her artistry is aimed to help remind listeners that they aren't alone.

Ophelia and their artists have always understood the assignment and that's one of many reasons that have quickly established themselves as one of the premier labels in EDM today. It's not just the fact that this label has released some of my all-time favorite tunes (no surprise since the early days of a young Seven Lions), but it's as if every set of emotions and personal experiences can be tied into at least one of the tracks within their vast array of music.

As this year continues to provide us with the hottest of tracks released by some of the biggest names in EDM across the globe, the Filthy Beat Inspectors will always have you covered with articles and reviews about all subgenres of bass music. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.


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