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Ray Volpe drops sophomore Disciple EP, 'Legend of the Volpetron'

The rising bass music star's highly anticipated EP features three new tracks, alongside two previously released singles including the smash hit, 'Laserbeam.'

Ray Volpe's latest EP is five songs and takes listeners on a journey through his familiar sounds.

Featuring collabs with Soltan, Frank Zummo of Sum 41 and Myah Marie, the EP is loaded to the brim with talent from bass music and elsewhere. Zummo is making his second foray into bass music after last year's This Could Be Us, by Virtual Riot and Modestep, and the second is just as finely crafted as the first.

Here are some of our thoughts on each song from the EP.

Screechy Song

Volpe's signature brostep sound is on full display with plenty of screechy basses to go along with the rapid-fire bass hits throughout the first drop. After the second drop, the song goes into an interlude reminiscent of Disciple-legend Virtual Riot's Lost It - VIP. This is a strong start to the project.

Elbow Grease (with Soltan)

The two producers combined for a percussive, heavy track that will certainly be a favorite of bassheads everywhere. Soltan has been on a roll lately, and has created the perfect collaboration to find a home on Ray's EP.

Afterlife (I'll Dream of You) feat. Frank Zummo

An ethereal, melodic anthem. The vocals of "I will dream of you in the afterlife" perfectly describe the sonic space created by Volpe. The drums added by Zummo perfectly complement the mood of the song. A masterpiece from start to finish.


Not much to say here that everyone doesn't already know. The bass music phenomenon which has gathered over one million streams in a month. This track elevated Volpe from rising star to superstardom.

Growing Wild (with Myah Marie)

The first single off of he album which encapsulates Volpe's ability to create a song that does heavy and melodic music both incredibly well. A fantastic closing song for the EP.

Legend of the Volpetron lived up to the hype and we're excited to be able to hear it. Catch Ray Volpe on his tour dates this fall in a city near you, we certainly will be!


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