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Ren Zukii makes moves to WAKAAN Record Label with her first release of 2023 – ‘Momma’

The 26-year-old Australian producer makes her WAKAAN debut and this banger is sure to make waves in the bass community.

Giving listeners a taste of Ren Zukii's DNB style with a hint of left-field bass, Momma showcases her ancestral Aussie roots intertwined with a new sound.

For Ren Zukii, family is crucial, and her mother has had a strong influence on her crafting of art and her spiritual strength, which is reflected in Momma. The track is a dedication to her mother, and it is clear that the inspiration for the record came from her.

"There is more power in a Mother’s hand than in a King's scepter" literally flows throughout this single, emphasizing the importance of mothers and the impact they have on their children's lives.

"I wanted to dedicate the inspiration of this record to my mother because she taught me music as a kid," said Ren Zukii. "She also introduced me to metal and rock and roll while growing up, where I think my electronic music style has taken a lot of influence."

Momma is a testament to Ren Zukii's talent and her ability to produce music that is both personal and universal. The track's emotional weight and heartfelt dedication to Zukii's mother make it a standout single that is sure to make an impact.

Stream Momma now on Wakaan Records:


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