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Rising bass beauty Poni releases debut EP on Sounds of Mayhem

The uncoated four-track EP delivers intense vocals from Qoiet and WISNER on PhaseOne's new, rocktronic label.

Resilience is the name of the game, especially in the music industry.

Poni knows this all too well.

Her debut EP called POWERLESS features four songs that capture the uncoated feelings associated with the gritty realities of life. Blending raw dnb, speedy mid tempo and daring dubstep, she's proving that 2024 will be a brighter year. Two of the songs feature the metallic vocals of Qoiet and WISNER.

Poni poured her heart into these songs when she was at her lowest points. The emotion of each song gives us chills, as we know how challenging it is to overcome the boundaries of anxiety, pain and frustration that she experienced during this time.

"Originally, I hadn’t imagined these songs fitting together in a body of work until I realized that they all had a common theme," Poni said. "Powerless, Misery, Parasite, Suffering… [they are] all very desolate titles," Poni said.

Music is an escape from reality for us all, and the tone of these songs shows that Poni was able to refocus her dark emotions into something beautiful. That beauty was recognized by PhaseOne's label, Sounds of Mayhem.

"I discovered Poni last year when Qoiet sent me their song together," PhaseOne said. "I then heard all her unreleased music and knew immediately I had to sign it (including the song with Qoiet). The collection of songs fits perfectly with the ethos of the label; all very well crafted rocktronic songs full of passion and grit."

PhaseOne went on to say that her EP showcases the genre blending he loves; one of the reasons he founded this label was to release just that. We love to see bass music labels recognize the uniqueness of rising producers.

"While working on these songs over the last few years, through the hardest times of my life, I was pouring my feelings of depression, anger, pain, anxiety, frustration and stress without even realizing it into writing them, and I think it shows," Poni said.

Poni is known for blending genres into futuristic-sounding ballads. We were first turned on to her talents when her mouthwatering mid tempo remix of KAYZO and Siiickbrain's MOONLIGHT was released in early 2023. Since then, we've been craving more from the rising young woman.

Hailing from Canada, she was recently approved for a United States visa, a comforting light of positivity that we know will help her recover from the dark days of 2023. Fans are foaming at the mouth to see more talented ladies behind the decks, and Poni will be doing just that.

This project is proof that even in the darkest times, there's light and beauty at the end of the tunnel. If you are experiencing a dark time in your life, we want you to know that things will get better.


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