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Samplifire ignites the industry yet again with 5-track, 'Firestorm' EP on Disciple

Everyone's favorite Frenchman is back with a slamming EP on main label, and its three collabs alone are enough to keep us hot all winter long.

Firestorm art and samplifire

Samplifire has proven yet again why he's one of the leaders of modern-day dubstep. Whether it be sold-out afters performances or bone-chilling audio production, he's secured a place in dubstep heaven.

Disciple has long been the home of Samplifire's viking-esque tunes. We've spent years streaming his early songs like Kyle (with MVRDA on Disciple Round Table) and still can't get over the incredibly well done Loki EP from 2021.

His latest masterpiece is called Firestorm, and it's comprised of five songs on Disciple. Not only does it feature what this Twitter account is calling "the rawest album artwork," but it is loaded with collaborations from YAKZ, Automhate and Chibs.

Oh, and he's performing at Legend Valley next week for his Lost Lands debut. Yeah — his debut. If anyone gets videos of this set, send them our way.

Yakz, Chibs and Automhate

Samplifire shook the world when his collaboration with YAKZ dropped last month. Menticide was the most coveted ID of the summer, provoking feral reactions from fans every time it was played live.

We probably have five videos of this song being dropped by different artists like Jessica Audiffred (who chopped it up at the Ritz in August) and Chibs in Denver.

Chibs and Samplifire have teamed up for Wrong House, another yoik-yoik riddim tune that takes us back to the Chibs performance at Denver's Jaguar Room earlier this summer.

"Let there be house," the MLK-like vocal preaches, immediately taking my mind back to a 1960s era where unrest was rampant. However, this song gives a completely new take on all that with a positive, electronic spin.

Incantate was the second single off this EP, and is a collaboration with the hottest rising dubstep artist out of Italy right now being Automhate. Ever since receiving his U.S. visa, he's been on a non-stop tear — performing all over North America.

We will never forget Samplifire bringing out Automhate at the Pandora Afters in Orlando after Forbidden Kingdom in June.

Samplifire live

Firestorm is an unreal title track; a nail-in-the-coffin for Samplifire's place as a king in the scene. "FIRE!" Whomp whomp whomp whomp whomp. We don't need to say anything else.

The EP also features a Creep Killa VIP (ft Nika D), which delivers a fresh take on one of his most popular Disciple Round Table songs dropped in 2022 via the Brute EP.

Two of the reasons we support Samplifire so much are as follows:

  1. His unwavering commitment to supporting, tutoring and mentoring upcoming producers;

  2. and his endless creativity, as demonstrated through the TOOG & GOOT project with MVRDA.

Samplifire and MVRDA as TOOG and GOOT

No words can describe how hard this EP hits on live sound systems; you'll just have to hear it for yourself.


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