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Seven Lions and Kill the Noise take us on a journey with 'The Blood' (VIP)

The reimagine of getting teased with Annie Shred of Shadow Cliq on guitar at live shows is out now on Ophelia Records.

The classic is just as we remembered it in our minds, a journey through all the musical styles of Seven Lions and Kill the Noise. The guitar solo throughout the entire song is what makes this iteration of 'The Blood' stand out from the original song.

While the original version of 'The Blood' has a quiet synth for the melody, this VIP is as in your-face as it can get with the guitar solo without.

"Playing guitar on this track for Kill the Noise and Seven Lions was an honor." Shadow Cliq said. "I love how this track blends both the heavy and melodic. When I first heard it I was singing the melodies in my sleep and had to do my own interpretation of it!"

Kill the Noise has had success with remixing music in rock and metal and crossing over the genres several times in his career, as has Seven Lions. The originality of this VIP alongside the face-melting guitar solo from Annie Shred makes this one of the most unique songs in bass music to release this year.

If there is any such thing as a time machine, this VIP is it. The production is crisp and pays homage to the original but allows enough space in the mix for the guitar solo to stand out in all of the breakdown sections and give this cult classic a fresh twist.

We investigated 'The Blood' (VIP) and found a welcome refresh to an old favorite and think you should check it out, too.


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