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Space Laces gives 'Left to Right' a bass house makeover on Tinted Records

It doesn't matter whether it's house or dubstep. Space Laces—to put it plainly, is the don of all things bass.

The bass music scene's don, Space Laces put his bass house spin on the incredibly popular Odd Mob track Left to Right with a 128 bpm stomper, out now on Tinted Records.

We have become accustomed to Space Laces making his own original bangers, but something we do not see a lot of is remixing tracks by other producers. Since he has started releasing music under the Space Laces project in the early 2010’s, this is just the fourth official remix we have gotten from the Kentucky-based producer.

So not only is this a special occasion as a bass producer making a remix for a commercially successful house anthem, but also for the scarcity of official remixes Space Laces has done in his career.

Let us tell you, this one did not disappoint and Odd Mob went as far as saying “I kid you not, this is the fattest track I have ever heard” on Twitter earlier this week.

The track bounces from the first kick until the final measure of the song, and the repeated “Left to Right” is almost hypnotic throughout the buildup and drop. It also accurately depicts the motion of everyone in the crowd’s ass from start to finish, a little known fun fact.

Not only does it have a punchy drum line, but we also hear some of the Space Laces bass influences without a dubstep drop where the track goes halftime. We get a wicked sustain bass over the top of the drum pattern that reminds us of the level of producer that Space Laces is.

Odd Mob certainly did not need to be reminded, as evidenced by his thoughts on Space Laces remixing his track.

"Space Laces remixed my track and now I can officially die happy," Odd Mob said.

We share the enthusiasm, and we're sure you will, too. Stay tuned for further investigations.


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