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Staff picks: Outstanding dubstep & dnb the first half of 2022

To celebrate the half-way point in 2022, the Dubstep FBI street team has selected their favorites among an ocean of releases.

From up-and-comers to established names, 2022 has brought us some of the best music yet. And with this new year, the Dubstep FBI team has continued their investigation into the filthiest beats, the most talented producers and the most innovative labels.

To celebrate the half-way mark in 2022, we've launched a new series called FBI Staff Picks. From here on out, the series will be published at the beginning of each month, with a round-up of the best songs, EPs and albums from the previous month.

To launch this series, our street team members Dustin, Jalen, Balex, Chopstixx, Yale and Chrissy have made their picks down below.

Note: These selections are based solely off of our opinions as listeners and bloggers.


FBI Staff Picks for best songs of 2022 (so far)

These are some of the best & brightest shining tracks from both rising producers and established names. These picks reflect the song itself and do not consider the overall body of work it may have been released within.

Dustin: I Will Stay (Draden Remix) by Flux Pavilion (Circus Records)

Jalen: Redloop by ISOxo (Sable Valley Records)

Balex: See You Again by Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Fiora (Ophelia Records)

Chopstixx: Friction by Samplifire (Disciple Records)

Yale: Gigachad by Kai Wachi (Kannibalean Records)

Chrissy: Omega Blaster by Felmax and DemonEyez (Subsidia Records)


FBI Staff Picks for best EPs of 2022 (so far)

Next up, we have selected some of the best EPs within the last six months. While we've had some crazy albums this year as well, it felt unfair to group the two together. Here are the EPs that stood out among hundreds of hours of investigations so far this year.

Dustin: Galaxy EP by Franky Nuts (Disciple Records)

Jalen: Endgame EP by Louiejayxx (Subsidia Records)

Balex: Gas Leak EP by High Zombie (Subsidia Records)

Chopstixx: Ragnarok EP by Samplifire (Disciple Records)

Yale: Diabolical EP by Oski (Deadbeats Records)

Chrissy: Watch EP by Vastive (Rude Service Records)


FBI Staff Picks for best albums of 2022 (so far)

Finally, we have arrived at our last category: the masterpieces. These albums and LPs stood out amongst all of the great work we've heard this year, and reflect the overall body of work that these artists spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to complete.

We have heard debut albums from producers who have been releasing music for a decade, and we have watched some artists reinvent their sound entirely for new releases.

Dustin: Half Life by Grafix (Hospital Records)

Jalen: New Breed by Kayzo (Welcome Records)

Balex: Embrace by Kill the Noise (Ophelia Records)

Chopstixx: Love // Chaos by Adventure Club (Ultra Records)

Yale: Duality by FREAKY (Subsidia Records)

Chrissy: The End of the World by Eptic (Overlord Music)

These are just our opinions and we could not include every great piece of music we have heard this year, so we want to know what you think the filthiest beats have been in 2022 halfway through the year! Hit us up on socials on Insta, Twitter or Facebook to start the conversation.


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