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Dubstep FBI's picks of 2021: Songs, EPs/albums, labels & more

Artists with extreme growth, the songs we've had on repeat, and labels who lead the game.

In a whirlwind year, music was our saving grace. Amidst a global pandemic, domestic unrest, the delayed Olympics in Tokyo, deadly disasters, and violence, the one thing that brought us all together was our love for sound.

Whether your taste leans more toward experimental, heavy headbanger vibes or melodic tunes, the EDM community remained strong even when the world was seemingly falling down.

We are reviewing case files on our top picks that include songs, EPs/albums, artists, labels, and brands of 2021.

This list encompasses the Filthy Beat Inspector's picks and is solely based on our opinions. We have investigated hundreds of artists and releases over the last 365 days.

This selection includes the songs that we heard over and over at festivals, the albums that found a place in our hearts, and the labels we kept going back to.

We also included the artists who took the biggest steps growth-wise. Everyone from underground acts to rising artists, these are the creators who should be on everyone's 2022 watch lists.


The FBI's 2021 Song Picks

Our top tracks of the year were tunes that had us singing our hearts out and headbanging with our friends. These were the songs that brought energy into our work days and helped us let loose on the weekends.

Party Starter - Ubur, Yakz, Aweminus

One More Day - Jason Ross, Blanke, Chandler Laughton

Back From The Future - Automhate

That Marauda Song - Marauda

Harrier - Space Wizard, Mize

Honorable mentions:


The FBI's 2021 Album Picks

Next, we have the top five EPs/albums of the year. These are the ones that featured outstanding tracks from front to back. Ones that were on repeat at the pre-game:

Crisis Vision - MUST DIE!

Militia - REAPER

Visions of the Leo - Leotrix

Gem World - Ace Aura

Oracle - Oddprophet

Honorable mention:


The FBI's 2021 Artist Growth Picks

The underground dubstep scene was thriving in 2021. Countless artists emerged from the depths with outstanding releases that push boundaries of traditional genre confines. From riddim to color bass, these are the 10 artists who we believe showed the most growth this year:

Honorable mentions:


The FBI's 2021 Label Picks

Labels took over the game and truly elevated some of the best in the game this year. There were many firsts, including the Welcome stage takeover at EDC Las Vegas and the launch of Cyclops Recordings, among others. These are the labels that stand out to us the most.


The FBI's 2021 Brand Picks

Finally, we have the brands which we believe played a huge part in the year. Community is what matters to us the most and we believe these brands had consistent, solid articles, mixes and social media presence. We hope these brands, alongside many others, continue to grow this colorful community into 2022:


Amidst all the craziness that was 2021, this was an outstanding year for dubstep and the scene in general.

With shows coming back full swing, albums, songs, and compilations being dropped every day, there’s a lot of great things to take out of this year for the scene. We can’t wait to see how everybody capitalizes off of it in 2022 and beyond!

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