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Subtronics stuns with outstanding production at Cyclops Rocks II

Special back-to-backs and perfect weather created an unforgettable event for the Denver Cyclops Family.

Denver loves Subtronics - especially during 4/20 weekend. This year, he took over the Mile High City with a triple header of events. From his First Bank Center headline show to Cyclops Rocks II to the Gothic Theater after party, Denver's finest riddim rats showed up in force for the producer this week.

Ringing in the second edition of Cyclops Rocks, a stacked lineup set the stage for what was one of the most impressive production set-ups we have seen at the venue.

As the sunset graced the amphitheater, Zingara b2b Austeria opened the night with energetic experimental drops. Loads of people poured into the amphitheater and set the tone as laughter and community vibes encompassed the venue.

It was cool to see two women going b2b, playing deep bass, in one of the world's most iconic venues - it really shows you how far EDM has come.

G space b2b Tiedyky slowed it down and brought all the wooks back to Earth with their deep, experimental sounds sucking us into the nature of the rocks. The sunset dropped further down and the weather was perfect for a night at the amphitheater.

After the last b2b of the night, Yheti pulled up in a wheelchair due to his broken toe, proclaiming he had 24 new tracks to share. This was a career set and he had never played Red Rocks before, so he was willing to DJ sitting down. He started with some lasers and we immediately jumped into a worm hole

Rusko took the stage like the legend he is, playing classics like Hold On for us early EDM lovers. This set was an absolute vibe -- He brought the old school UK dub to Red Rocks.

Subtronics took the stage a few minutes early to lasers, lights and pyro. His production was top notch, with seven massive LED panels, in addition to the two in-house Red Rocks screens.

Playing all the familiar classics, including collabs with Slander and Boogie T, the crowd stayed late on this Thursday night to absorb his energy.

He said, "Make some noise for Ganja White Night!" and played their collab. He also dropped a Griztronics rendition and couldn’t help but to double a few songs. Then, he played old school Skrillex: "Call 911" -- everyone screamed -- with the lasers pointing into the night sky.

He was chopping up all sorts of shit by the time 11pm rolled around. You could hear the crowd perplexed, yet satisfied, with the sound.

Overall, Subtronics continues to grow quickly while bringing the deep sounds of riddim to MainStage crowds. There is no doubt that he is one of the figureheads of dubstep. His genuine love for the music and the upcoming artists within it shows every time he graces the stage.


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