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Woolivan King has returned — breaking hearts & rails on Monstercat

The two producers gave contradicting stories behind how the collab came to be, each crazier than the last.

What do you get when you cross a screaming vocalist with a wooly mammoth? Dubstep's hottest collaboration.

And while our investigations have not uncovered the true story behind this song (keep reading), we are blissfully impressed with what their latest production has delivered.

Wooli and Sullivan King's tear-jerking, yet heavy, collab called Let Me Go was just released on Monstercat.

The duo hasn't released a song together since Don't Forget Me, also on Monstercat, in February 2020 before COVID shut down live events.

King said that he and Wooli actually wrote the song about Wooli's fear of planes.

“I’m sick of him always holding on to me when we fly and there’s a little turbulence," Sullivan King said. "He’s really just not a great flyer tbh and it’s f*****’ annoying, so Adam if you’re reading this… let me go. Stop grabbing my hand. You squeeze way too much. We’re gonna be fine. Just drink your ginger ale, have those little biscoff cookies American Airlines gives out and watch a Harry Potter movie."

King went on to say that statistically, not a single plane has crashed from turbulence. However, Wooli had a much different story to tell when the facts were investigated.

Let Me Go is about the time Keaton kidnapped me," Wooli said. "He put me in a cage in the crawl space of his Miami condo and left to get more diapers and Monster Energy baby formula for his kid. It was the perfect time to escape. I picked the lock with a Capri Sun straw and bolted for the elevator. As soon as the doors opened, Keaton was standing there smiling."

Wooli went on to tell us about how King was trying to "film more content" and threatened him with "getting Reckless."

"I'm actually still writing this from the cage," Wooli said. "If you are reading this, please call 911 or Excision. They are my only hope."

The first two minutes of the song are melodic and feature Sullivan King singing vocals before he unleashes a scream of "LEEEETTTTT ME GOOOOOOOO!!!" and a heavy drop ensues.

The two producers ended the song with another melodic drop, but this one has the added energy of King's screaming "Let Me Go" echoing throughout the chorus.

The collab comes in the wake of a huge announcement from Sullivan King as he announced his album, Thrones of Blood, which will be coming in March of 2023 on Monstercat.

He also announced a massive tour with 30 dates from coast-to-coast, which accompany the album, with more dates to be announced. We are super hyped to see FBI favorite, Vastive, on the tour with him.

Wooli also has a collaborative EP on the way with Excision and has a show at the Observatory this weekend in Orange County, California.

These two have big things coming, and the collab seems to be just one of them. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming further investigations.


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