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Sumthin Sumthin Blasts Us Into a New Dimension with 'Run The Track' on Bassrush

For those of us who are still on the post fest comedown from EDC Orlando, here’s a little 'sumthin sumthin' to indulge your ears in.

Sumthin Sumthin just dropped an absolute heater and we’re all ears. Featuring a distinct combination of punchy beats, filthy wubs and hard hitting bass, Sumthin Sumthin’s production on 'Run The Track' is a force to be reckoned with.

'Run The Track' comes after Sumthin Sumthin’s last release, 'Magenta', which also features his signature leftfield bass production style. Having released his 'Light Garden' EP with Deadbeats this year, Sumthin Sumthin shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Sumthin Sumthin’s impressive repertoire doesn’t end there, however. His collabs with Clozee and Player Dave have taken off in the experimental scene, thus elevating his status as a respected producer in the leftfield bass genre.

Dropping on the esteemed label Bassrush, 'Run The Track' is the newest addition to their elite stockpile of releases. This includes the latest heaters from the likes of ATLiens, Ahee, and the newest Wooli & Calcium collab, 'Restraint.'

Sumthin’s Sumthin’s latest release has dropped in the midst of touring with artists such as Lyny and Inzo, and even having played a set at Okeechobee in September. Having sold out a show in Salt Lake City with Lynn just last month, we can only anticipate Sumthin Sumthin’s burgeoning success and noteworthy production style will propel him to new heights come 2023.

'Run The Track' is out now on all streaming platforms!


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