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The captivating story of Shockpoint & how his new EP is taking over the world

We've been immersed within a series of futuristic events, thanks to Bypass Audio's latest bass music release.

Shockpoint photo and artwork

A mad scientist's futuristic horror story encompasses the metaphor behind Shockpoint's latest release.

His new Into Nothing EP on Bypass Audio tells the story of a researcher who wants to harness energy of beings from other universes to create the most powerful sounds known to man.

It's all a science fiction quest to deliver this body of work to our airwaves. And now, you can take a listen for yourself.

The EP consists of five tunes out now on Megalodon's imprint. While Bypass is a relatively new brand, its reputation is growing positively in the industry. We've heard people refer to it as "the next NSD."

Yeah, wow.

This is Shockpoint's debut EP, and it swirls tear-out with drum and bass into a comprehensive project. The EP begins with a captivating introduction, with robotic, space station-type voices sucking the listener into its first drop.







Each song is Shockpoint's effort to seamlessly create a cinematic universe with characters, a mission and storytelling. We love a good lore — Especially when it involves bass music.

Shockpoint said that the closing tune, INTO NOTHING, was one of his favorites to make.

"It actually closes the story of the EP, as you’ll hear, by the Captain’s ship asking him where he wants to go next," Shockpoint said. "...The ship says 'those coordinates are not on the map, are you sure?' This indicate[s] we are now going to the furthest reaches of space to do our research without the boundaries of man."

This symbolism really gets us thinking. Not just about the excitement behind space and otherly worlds, but about how unique it Is — the metaphoric narrative Shockpoint has cooked up.

The EP also features a rare Frantik collab, which our agents love to see.

Shockpoint and Frantik photos

These two producers actually linked up because of a social media group chat with similar, like-minded producers. The goal of this group is to provide feedback, support and opportunities for each other.

"After a while, Frantik joined up with us," Shockpoint said. "We have a very similar writing and rhythmic style. He’s efficient and uses similar templating, and we write in the same rhythmic patterns so it was really easy and fun to put something together quickly."

He went on to say that Frantik is one of those producers who can finish a tune in 24 hours. And honestly, we believe it.

All lore aside, we recommend you check out the latest project from Shockpoint. It's out everywhere now via Bypass Audio.


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