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‘THE END’ is among us with AlienPark’s three-hitter EP out now on SOM

AlienPark makes an inaugural appearance with a groundbreaking EP on PhaseOne's prestigious label, Sounds of Mayhem.

Is this ‘THE END’?

AlienPark’s ‘THE END’ EP has made its terms on Sounds of Mayhem Records.

This three-track, apocalyptic EP features a new variation of AlienPark, experimenting with square4 basses, while riding the riddim wave. Martin, AKA AlienPark, has once again single-handedly caused chaos and disturbance, leaving no one with any choice but defeat.

Right away, AlienPark infiltrates with ‘STRONG CHILD’ leading with a dramatic build-up and going straight for the kill with a series of laser shots firing away. AlienPark wastes no time compiling foul basses and a heavyweight sustain.

When you think the end has already come forth, another force heaves in with the secondary track ‘I AM THE END’. This is the ultimate showcase of AlienPark’s hidden riddim alias, diving head-first into an infectious swamp of springy basses and thickening drops. There is no chance of getting through this filth bath without having to HIGH KNEES the ENTIRE way.

To close out this nonsense, AlienPark wraps this EP up with a head-banging finale, “I COME FOR YOU." Breaking in are kick drums dropping left and right, with AlienPark integrating square4 elements and his signature sci-fi samples all in one track. Collectively, this discography truly calls ‘THE END’ for good.

Coming out of ‘THE END’ EP, Martin has expanded his production-skills to the next phase of his career, pushing beyond the limitation.

Martin expresses,

"This is a new collection of songs that came together so quickly, it was like everything was meant to be," AlienPark said. I experimented with square4 and turned it into a dubstep track, when square4 is mostly seen in riddim, I had a great time writing that track and I'm glad it's the title track! These are some of my heavier tracks and I'm stoked PhaseOne enjoyed them enough to be my debut on his label!"

Martin has been cooking it up in the US with his tour run, making stops with Excision, Vastive, and more. With his seen efforts and dedication, AlienPark is here to seize the day and we are HERE for it.

Stream AlienPark's 'THE END' on ALL PLATFORMS.


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