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The masters of the afters: Pandora goes down in dubstep history

PsyPresents, CODE: LOCKDOWN & No Sleep Presents took over as Orlando had no choice but to surrender and rage.

Orlando's nightlife is renowned for its legendary afters scene, and recently, the gentlemen of PsyPresents, CODE: LOCKDOWN and No Sleep Presents descended upon the city and left an indelible mark on the festival goers.

But that's not all — let's not forget that we also managed to arrest a ton of artists, hitting our quarterly quota in style!

The promoters came prepared with an explosive lineup that delivered a heavy-handed, right hook to our senses. With big names like Hi Im Ghost, Ghastly presents GHENGAR, SampliFire, RZRKT and Vastive, the stage was set for two nights that kept the crowd going from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

From the moment Friday kicked off, the energy was exactly as you would expect—intense, exhilarating and relentless. The venue boasted two stages, and the atmosphere inside could only be described as aggressive, hammering and just plain feral.

Photo by Ryansam

The Majestic Event Center, located just six minutes away from Forbbiden Kingdom Music Festival, played host to this unforgettable affair. The crowd turned out in full force, lining up outside the door on night 1, ready to keep things hot. Performances from VLCN, SampliFire Brainrack, and the Pandora mix competition winner Veros, set the stages on fire.

And hey, SampliFire even brought out some special guests — Infket, MUERTE and Automhate— turning the event into one big family party!

As night 1 reached its climax, Hi I'm Ghost and RZRKT cranked up the heat, ensuring that the energy continued to surge until the early hours of the morning.

Night 2 wasted no time engaging the crowd, as ANTIHERO kicked off the evening with a set so heavy that it felt like an earthquake of bass.

SuperAve. pushed the pedal to the metal with a mind-bending performance, while Jaenga turned up the heat right before GHENGAR took the stage and proceeded to absolutely demolish it from 3-4 a.m. The venue was packed to the brim, and not a single soul showed any signs of slowing down.

And then came Vastive, closing out the weekend with a set that was pure insanity, reminding everyone why he's the undisputed bully on the block. It was the perfect grand finale for the weekend, leaving the crowd in awe.

PsyPresents, CODE: LOCKDOWN and No Sleep Presents proved once again that they are masters of the afters game. The crowd got exactly what they wanted, and there's no doubt in anyone's mind where we'll be if another edition graces us next year.


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