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The 'Savage Society takeover' continues with Decimate & Blankface's new collab

A slamming, new track called 'BLACKOUT' just dropped, as both artists are touring into summer.

Gritty and underground — That's what Savage Society is known for.

Now, two of its core members have dropped a slinky single in conjunction with their North American tour. It's called BLACKOUT (ft. XAE) and it's the latest from Decimate and Blankface.

We've received intel that Decimate has been cooking up in the studio lately. He said BLACKOUT (ft. XAE) was born out of the desire to play something catchy on tour.

“We told XAE we wanted to showcase the gritty and underground nature of what it’s like to be a savage through our music," Decimate said. "We also wanted to write something new to play out while on tour and we pretty much finished the tune in a day over video chat.”

BLACKOUT has been slamming speakers recently in Baltimore, Toronto and Cleveland on the Savage Society Takeover Tour. Both Decimate and Blankface are on the road, with upcoming dates in New Orleans, Albuquerque, Tempe, Orlando and Houston (with Full Grind Entertainment on May 6).

Our friend HAMRO is playing a few of the tour dates as well. We recently saw him chopping it up in Denver this past weekend at the Infekt show, where he did a surprise b2b with Al Ross.

What's funny, is that HAMRO actually admitted that his finger got sliced up that night due to one of the faders not having a cap.

Savage Society is one big family, with artists like SVGMAZE, Blankface, Decimate, Blood Thinnerz and HAMRO forming the collective. It's cool to see the members touring together and releasing music.

“We just wanted to combine riddim side of dubstep with an underground rap element in the intro," Blankface said. "We started an ominous, dark trap intro and thought XAE would be the perfect addition to lay down lyrics. We put in our prominent sounds 'til it was perfect."

It's pretty neat that it only took them a day to whip this one up.

Savage Society has been around since 2013 and has featured artists like Aweminus, Subfiltronik, Benzmixer, YAKZ and SVDDEN DEATH. Now, artists like INAKTIV and HAMRO are the next generation.

Artists all grow their own way, but Savage Society is the thread that ties them all together.


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