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This week in EDM Twitter: Getter, Excision, send social media into a frenzy

Could this officially be 'ghost-producer gate'? We'll let you decide.

It seems as though there's always something new happening on EDM Twitter. Whether it's a new meme, someone getting canceled, or even public beef, things get spicy when the producers we know and love speak up.

On Friday, world-renowned electronic artist, Getter, spoke up in his first few tweets since August 15 -- And what he had to say caused quite the stir among the EDM community.

It wasn't until hours later that Excision finally responded with what might be one of the most notable EDM PR moves of this decade.

UPDATE [As of 7:21pm MT on Aug. 27]: The moment we had all been waiting for finally came on Saturday evening when Space Laces finally responded to the controversy.