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Trench God Infekt closes out the year strong with 'Chomp' EP on Disciple

Infekt is back with another EP featuring collabs with Ookay, Samplifire, Nika D & Chibs — Quite the supporting cast if you ask us.

The veteran producer, Infekt, has been on a tear this year, playing at festivals such as Rampage Open Air and Lost Lands. He also just finished the end of a co-headlining tour with Samplifire. This EP makes two EP releases in the past two months.

Aside from all of this, he has been a vocal leader in the movement to rename "riddim" to "trench." He has been integral to the updating of the nomenclature of one of the largest subgenres in the bass scene. Piece of cake.

The CHOMP EP is six tracks, with each of them having their own unique spin on Infekt's styles over his discography. There's the industrial, heavy style we have become familiarized with over the years on the title track.

Bars and Bass is a grime-influenced track. Future bass and trap-stalwart Ookay even hopped on the trench collab we didn't know we needed.

"I wanted to work with some other artists to make it a special project: I had been touring with Samplifire, so naturally we just had to try making the ultimate combination of our two styles," Infekt said. "Infekt x Ookay was totally spontaneous, but ended up going so, so smoothly."

He went on to say that his collab with Chibs was long overdue since the fans have been asking for it for so long. Infekt said he's truly proud of this EP and has received great feedback in person and online so far.

This was one of our favorite EP's of the year and strongly recommend that you investigate it further.


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