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Ubbi Dubbi day 1 featured rail-breaking bass, while day 2 was just cancelled

Due to 'forecasted severe weather,' day 2 of this weekend's Ubbi Dubbi has been called off.

While still a relatively new festival in the grand scheme of things, Ubbi Dubbi has grown an outstanding reputation for fun. This year, it had planned to have two days of festivities. However, the festival has just called off day 2 due to severe weather.

The festival released the following statement via push notification:

While this news is saddening, we commend Disco Donnie for putting the safety of attendees first. However, we are still buzzing from last night's festivities.


Ubbi Dubbi 2022 Day 1 recap

The festival weekend started off with no shortage of rail breaking and heavy bass. Names like Decadon and JFrank opened Saturday with full rails and world premiers of new music while the crowds were filing into the fest.

The energy was high from the moment we walked through the gates, and you already know we put heavy emphasis on the filthiest sets of the night, including Wreckno, Mize, Jansten, Peekaboo and of course Excision.

Though our team spent most of the time at the Dubbi stage, we were able to catch Blanke and Trivecta over at the Ubbi stage for a switch up in vibes for a bit. Both artists brought the perfect balance of wubz and feels to the fest crowds. We definitely saw a few crybangers on the rail.

Excision’s set in one word: LASERS.

We all know he’s known for them, but seeing the lasers beam across Panther Island was absolutely breathtaking. There wasn’t a human in the crowd that wasn’t jumping, headbanging, or wiggling like a worm to close out the night.

While this year's festivities were cut short, we are still glad for the opportunity to have come tighter and danced with friends, while making memories under the night sky.

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