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Unleashing havoc, FelMax, Bleaubeard drop explosive collab, 'Susano,' on Subsidia

Excision's latest Night compilation features a seismic single that is redefining the boundaries of aggressive dubstep, with a nod to Naruto, too.

Dubstep enthusiasts and bass music aficionados are always on high alert for the next banger.

This week, FelMax and Bleaubeard have delivered just that: A tasting menu of sound, straight from the underground.

Our agents have braced for impact with the latest shockwave sent forth by the two talented producers. Released today on Subsidia's Night Vol. 9 compilation is Susano, a mind-bending tune that is shattering our thirst for the tastiest dubstep around.

FelMax is a mentor and respected figure in the bass music community. With a legacy of tutoring young talents, he has demonstrated a commitment to fostering the next generation of artists. His track record speaks volumes about his dedication to pushing boundaries and supporting fellow musicians.

Hailing from the vibrant electronic music scene in Toronto, Bleaubeard has rapidly ascended the ranks of the industry with his distinctive sound. Just three months ago, he showcased his undeniable talent with a guest mix on Riot Control Radio, leaving listeners clamoring for more of his signature heavy, bone-rattling beats.

"The whole goal was to make a high knees-action tune. Inspired by anime, of course," Bleaubeard said. "'Susano' is from Naruto. It’s always been great working with FelMax. This is our third song together. He’s been a such a good mentor, one of the best mentors out there (goat). I’m proud of this one."

His previous collaborations with ANTIHERO and VOYDOOM have already marked him as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of bass music.

Susano not only showcases the individual prowess of both artists, but also seamlessly twists their talents to create a symphony of sonic chaos.

One of the most captivating aspects of Susano is its pre-drop vocals, an infectious combination of catchphrases that immediately engrave themselves in the listener's memory.

Classic lines like "drop it like" and "monstas" reverberate through the track, adding to its hypnotic allure. The inclusion of UK-style rap lines injects a distinctive flavor, merging seamlessly with the track's already intense atmosphere.

Subsidia's Night compilation series has earned its reputation for unearthing and presenting the most ferocious dubstep tracks from the underground. Susano not only lives up to this reputation but also serves as a standout addition, with support from Excision, RZRKT, Blaize and JEANIE.

Both FelMax and Bleaubeard have marked an unforgettable moment in the realm of dubstep, exemplifying the potency of collaboration, innovation and the marriage of unique talents.

As both artists continue to set the industry ablaze with their electrifying sounds, one can't help but anticipate the seismic impact they'll continue to make on the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.


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