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Vastive unleashes two beasts with ‘Animals EP’ on Rude Service Records

Vastive and his incredible, metal-driven dubstep -- name a more iconic duo. 

Vastive released his follow up Rude Service EP, Watch, with another instant classic, this one titled Animals, out now on Rude Service Records. 

From a relatively unknown producer just a few years ago, Vastive has spent the past few years ascending into superstardom in the bass music scene. His sound is distinctly his, part of that are his vocals— which are done by him. 

The EP is more of what we have come to know from Vastive. It spans five tracks, with the fourth being an interlude. Vastive told us a little bit about the meaning of the project and what inspired him to create it. 

“This project is a story between an individual and the voice of reason inside their head that tells them to keep going. The narrative starts off at peak frustration and goes into a sense of acceptance by the end of it. Each track switches between the two characters and the EP focuses on the different perspectives of the stages I find myself going through when moments like these happen. Like your back’s up against the wall, it’s either everything or nothing, and as overwhelming as it may feel, you’ve just gotta remind yourself you're capable and keep it moving.”

We also were able to catch up with Vastive and get a track-by-track breakdown on the EP and what the meaning behind each song was.


Summoning definitely sets the tone of the story behind this project and showcases both metal and bass the way I've always wanted to do it. It centers around peak frustration and anger and focuses on the feeling of being overwhelmed which was inspired by the frustrations of balancing my day job and the ever growing responsibilities of my music career. Though I never like to sit in that type of headspace, I think it was important for me to dive into that battle between these small bursts of anger and keeping a forward thinking mindset which I've come to recognize is usually the beginning of new growth in my life.


Unknown switches the narrative and comes from the perspective of the voice of reason that's inside your head that tells you to keep going. Lyrically, it's about recognizing who you are, accepting the frustration that you may feel, and remembering why you do what you do in the first place. This was probably the song that hit the hardest for me when writing because it made me really think about where I am in life and how far I've come, but on the flipside, how much more I want to do and accepting how much more I still have yet to discover in my journey.

Second Wind:

Second Wind brings back the narrative of the main character that this story revolves around. This song is about that moment of revelation where all the stars really start to align and how you've recognized what these frustrations of life really mean. It touches on the fact that there's no longer time to dwell on the stresses of life, whereas instead you're giving your will to survive the opportunity it needs to push you to the next level.


Duality sets the stage of a conversation between oneself and the voice of reasoning inside their head. The conversation speaks for itself but the inspiration behind it was actually taken from all the times I've talked to myself on car rides home after a stressful day, week, or even month - where I'm sitting in silence, all the noise has drifted away, and I've regained my composure and finally feeling that sense of peace again. When I find myself going through these small moments, that voice of reason and myself become one, and this is when I truly feel that goosebump feeling - the one where I can tell myself I made it, I survived the overwhelming emotions and jabs life threw at me, and that I'm still moving forward.


"Animals is by far one of my all time favorite tracks that I've written. It embodies the spirit of "making it out alive" and embracing that wild will to survive which personally I think perfectly closes this story. Musically, I wanted to have this sense of being set free while embracing the chaos that comes with it. Lyrically, it's a statement that dances with the chaos and even asks for it. It's got that "I want more" factor and that's where I feel like I am in life right now."

We will be raging to this one until further notice. Investigate accordingly.


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