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VUlllGUR release three track debut 'Champion of Blood EP'

Little did we know, the three horsemen of the apocalypse are VUlllGUR.

VUlllGUR have released their long anticipated debut EP, CHAMPION OF BLOOD on the back of their legendary performance at EDC Las Vegas, and it's all the riddim we hoped for and more.

Very few projects have had the meteoric rise that VUlllGUR have had in recent memory. Riddim is music for the live environment and they have mastered the art of the live set.

This recent EP shows that they are more than that with a three track EP filled with some of the heaviest riddim you will find anywhere in bass music. We'd call it trench, but we're a little afraid for our safety around VUlllGUR, so riddim will have to do.

The theming behind the trio is in tune with their music... violent— and the three tracks CHAMPION OF BLOOD, DISEMBOWLED and STEPPA are in tune with that in nomenclature and sonically as well. It is violent mosh pit fuel, and we'll be sure to investigate that further at Forbidden Kingdom when the trio take the stage.

The trio told us about their process of making the EP. They definitely put some blood into it—we're unclear on the sweat and tears, however.

"We got into a little trouble making this EP. Only a couple of manslaughters, but we were able to finish the EP in time. They haven't caught us yet."

Join us in welcoming VUlllGUR to a bloodath at Forbidden Kingdom in June for further investigation. Meet us in the pit.


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