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Wave music in America: aerii is bringing a new current to EDM

His latest single, 'ethereal,' has created an unexpected buzz around wave music.

We are all about new sounds within the EDM umbrella. Almost every week, we're hearing new ways of twisting genres together into unique releases.

Well, this week is no different.

The latest release from American wave producer, aerii, has brought us a fresh take on what happens when you cross hard-wave, melodic and bass music.

He just self-released ethereal, a 4-minute and 22-second song that shows us wave is in the states to stay. This is the new project from who we used to know as D3V, based out of Orlando, Florida.

He announced the project, then went on to headline Celine Nightclub in early November to a curious crowd of people who showed up strong to hear his new sound.

aerii has been supported by our friends over at Vibe Digital and even went back-to-back with DJedi at Celine.

Barnacle Boi, Skeler, Brothel and Skybreak have also supported aerii, who has collaborations in the works with Barnacle Boi and has made guest appearances at shows in the United Kingdom and Poland.

In our conversations with aerii, he said he is seeking the enlightening side of sound, finding new ways of sharing his music with the world. The energy in ethereal sets listeners free, aligning with an atmospheric, yet individualistic, vibe.

Give aerii's new single a listen if you're looking for something tastefully different:


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