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We have captured LVCID & HEXXA who are wanted for their collab, 'The Evil Eye'

These two criminals are are being detained and transported to the FBI HQ for releasing a destructive collab, while delivering chaotic bass.

LVCID and HEXXA have combined as one, bringing in chaos and destruction through the heavy bass they have released from the depths of hell.

With this new track, the entire crowd will have no choice but to start a pit. And that's exactly why we have the suspects in custody.

The song is called The Evil Eye, and it's capturing the Hispanic heritage of both LVCID and HEXXA, who are influenced by "Brujeria" and the dark mythical side of their culture. Additionally, the song tells the story of a demon girl casting spells from an evil book with the evil eye fixated on the book. While observing their new release, it starts off with a mystical sound that goes into a build up with a female screaming in the background. This is followed up with an aggressive, heavy drop that leaves the listener wanting to riot to the sound of chaos.

Agents were advised to be on the look out for the two suspects due to their release being massively dangerous.

Photo shot by: Ethanhughesfilmphoto


As of April 19th around 20:00, the first suspect, HEXXA, was located in Philadelphia, PA, waiting by Genos getting a Philly Cheesesteak. Once she was located, she then surrendered herself to our agents with no issues and was transported to the main headquarters in Denver, CO.


The next suspect, LVCID, was located in Las Vegas, NV, hanging around the casino strip at 16:00. At that time, LVCID was fleeing from Agent FFC after being spotted. Once he was spotted, a pursuit occurred through the strip for one hour. After an hour, the suspect was caught and detained. Then was transported to the main headquarters. Once both suspects were apprehended, both of them were brought into the interrogation room to be questioned. Our agents asked HEXXA what inspiration she pulled upon from creating The Evil Eye.

"When LVCID presented me with ideas for the collab, I chose the one that resonated with a fast, invigorating energy in which I could throw my cinematic and heavy approach on," HEXXA said.

Photo shot by: Hi.gunpowder

In addition into our interrogation, we asked both suspects what their biggest accomplishments so far this year are.

"My biggest accomplishment was releasing my Queen of Death EP on Echoes Collective to start the year, which has been some of my works that I have been holding on and working since 2023," HEXXA said.

LVCID had a great last year, is maintaining an excited tone or the 2024 ahead.

"Coming off an amazing 2023, I knew I had to release more music and keep my fans engaged, and I knew starting out with releasing this huge collab is just the starting point for 2024," LVCID said.

Upon our investigation, I would like to inform you all that both of these artists are being highly recommended for you to check out. At this time, their chaotic and destructive collaboration has been brought to our attention.

We will continue to monitor the two suspect and conduct our investigations. The Evil Eye can be streamed on all platforms on Friday, April 19th. To further your investigation into HEXXA and LVCID. You can follow their Instagram through the hyperlink. You can also check them out on Soundcloud and Spotify.

HEXXA: Spotify / Soundcloud  LVCID: Spotify / Soundcloud 


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