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Whales shares emotional side via new melodic banger, 'Death of Me'

Third time's a charm for this Whales & Shiah Maisel collaboration: A melodic masterpiece on Monstercat Records with a deep meaning.

Much like Dylan Matthew is synonymous with Slander's music to their fans, Whales and Shiah Maisel are getting to that point with their collaborations, each being better than the last.

Whales' melodic side meshes perfectly with Maisel's vocals and takes the listeners on an emotional roller coaster over the two minutes and 48 seconds on their latest track, Death of Me.

Whales said the song is about, "finally coming to the realization that the relationship you've been putting your heart and soul into has become extremely toxic and how we have moved on from that experience."

The lyrics also had a special meaning to Maisel. He was abandoned by family members, never wanting to feel that way again.

Whales interpreted the eventual buildup in tension and the final scream saying, "Won't ever have to go back there," as a sigh of relief that Maisel will never have to return to that toxic situation.

Maisel bellowed out vocals about a past relationship and how, "you'll be the death of me." Those lyrics will strike a chord with thousands of people.

That vocal delivery goes in tandem with a cinematic intro and a wonderfully crafted drop with soaring synths and a booming sub bass. The trap influences to Whales' production are evident in this new song.

Whales had a final word for his audience:

"We hope to make you feel something from the song and we hope to make you feel even better while you listen to it."

Well, it certainly made us feel that way and it should for you, too.


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