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Who is Deathpact? The mysterious figure takes Denver on April 21

Entering a new realm, this show brings wave legend, Deadcrow, to the Ogden Theater.

We are in the EDM era of mysterious masked figures. From popular ones like Marshmello to more elusive ones like MELON, fans are constantly trying to guess who is behind the veil.

Lately, we've seen the rise of the figure known as Deathpact. Buzz around town says that it's Rezz. Some speculate it's one of the Zeds Dead boys. Who it really is? We may never know.

All we know now is that Deathpact takes Denver's Ogden Theatre on Friday, April 21. Whoever it is will be playing a "live" set — with support from one of our favorite artists right now, Deadcrow.

The past year has turned the spotlight on some lesser-known EDM genres in America, including the vastly popular wave genre that has seemingly blown up in countries like Russia and Poland. One of the most talented artists in the scene right now is Deadcrow.

He's been pumping out tunes, with four singles already in 2023. He's got collabs with insane artists like Heimanu and Brothel, and he stays bringing cyber-punk, video-game-vibes to speakers around the world.

Whoever Deathpact may be, we've already opened a case file on them. And we've also received a news tip that there might be some fun things going down after the show in Denver on the 21st. DM us for further details.


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