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Yellow Claw drops their trap rendition of Dashstar* by Knock2

The iconic duo returns with a unique take on Knock2's bass house anthem

As 2022 comes to a close, Yellow Claw is wrapping up a busy year with a brand new take on Knock2's highly acclaimed song, Dashstar*.

The song features the distinct, European trap influence that Yellow Claw is known for, breathing new life into the praiseworthy tune.

As one of the most played out songs at some of the biggest festivals this year, Dashstar* has reached a staggering level of notoriety. Combined, the original and VIP have received over 12.7 million spins on Spotify alone.

It goes without saying that replicating the song's dynamic and high energy tone is no easy undertaking. Despite this, Yellow Claw's edit of Dashstar* sets the precedent among its various interpretations.

Dropping on Insomniac's revered NIGHTMODE, Yellow Claw is positioned among some of the most sought-after trap artists releasing on the label.

Including releases with the likes of Knock2, Eliminate, Deadcrow, Peekaboo, and most recently, ISOxo, FrostTop & Midnight kids; NIGHTMODE is quickly becoming one of the most notable purveyors of trap music in the EDM scene.

As for Yellow Claw's latest endeavors? The Dutch duo just dropped their annual Christmas-themed EP, Christmas with Yellow Claw Vol.2, alongside a number of collabs with €uro Tra$h, Wax Motif, Lil Asian Thiccie and others.

Having taken over the stage at Nocturnal Wonderland in September, more and more of Yellow Claw's fan base in the U.S. are clamoring for more. They continue their notoriety overseas by touring all throughout Asia and Europe with some of our favorite baddies, RayRay and Sky Sky.

While we don't know exactly what's in store for the duo come 2023, we can expect to see them throwing down at Countdown NYE in Los Angeles where they'll be teasing their upcoming albums.

Yellow Claw's trap edit of Dashstar* is available on all streaming platforms today.

Dubstep News Reporter, Everleigh Malley, can be reached on Twitter and Instagram.


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