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1-2-3-4 new Hamdi remixes out now on Deadbeats

We've been counting the days waiting for these remixes, but the clock stops now.

Arguably some of the most anticipated tunes floating from deck-to-deck lately, four new remixes are bringing wicked takes on Hamdi's already electric anthem, Counting.

From deep dub to drum and bass, this remix pack scratches every itch. Global hitmakers Taiki Nulight, Sammy Virji, Simula and P Money constitute this eclectic roster, each bringing their own unique, reimagined versions of Hamdi's dynamic banger.

"I'm unbelievably excited to release this Remix EP [and am] still in shock that we managed get all four of these artists on one pack," Hamdi shared.

Taking the EDM scene by storm, Taiki Nulight's Counting remix has been a hot topic of discussion lately. The UK producer tapped back into his roots with this one.

Although he is primarily known as a UK bass producer, Taiki Nulight's project can be traced back to his love for 140. It was the genre that made him fall in love with producing, as he recently shared on Instagram. Despite not having released much 140 lately, this remix proves that he can still be a powerhouse in the genre. Fans have been going crazy over it, and DJs/producers as well. It even landed in the hands of Kenny Beats and Skrillex, who played it out on Rinse FM.

Skrillex playing out Taiki Nulight's Counting Remix on Rinse FM

Sammy Virji's Counting remix quickly gained traction after videos of him playing it out during his DJ Magazine set went viral.

One of the absolute goats of UK music right now, Sammy Virji took this nasty track and made it even nastier. This beat is infectious from the get-go, but the drop is pure filth with its in-your-face bass line. If you're not familiar with Sammy Virji, this UKG remix is the perfect example of just how much of a force he is in this scene.

Sammy Virji playing his Counting remix at DJ Magazine HQ

Jump-up king Simula brings us his Counting remix packed with his signature style.

As drum and bass continues to steal the hearts of fans in the U.S., what better way to keep it going than with an insane jump-up remix of one of the biggest hits in the past year. It's really sick to see a remix like this being officially released on a U.S. label like Deadbeats. Simula is sure to keep the DNB flame burning here with this one.

Hamdi playing Simula's Counting remix

South East London Grime MC P Money adds a whole new layer to this tune on his vocal dub version of Counting.

Having recently hopped on Hamdi's breakout hit Skanka and releasing his vocal-dub version back in December, P Money runs it back with a just as impressive version of Counting. With a legendary MC like him rapping on a Hamdi track, you can't really get more UK than this.

Hamdi playing out P Money's Vocal Dub version of Counting

It's mad exciting to see such incredible producers all crossing over on such a huge remix pack. Between the five of them, there is so much talent packed into these tracks, and it's especially exciting to see UK music making its way into mainstream EDM labels in the states.

"These are all artists I really look up to and they all smashed their remixes out the park, 2024 is going to be a very good year for UK music." Hamdi said.

With heat like this just one month into 2024, there's no denying Hamdi's claim. This is sure to be a pivotal year for UK music not just in the states, but around the world. We're stoked to see what the coming months hold.

In the meantime, stream the Counting Remixes now on all platforms!


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