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A New Horizon: OTHERWRLD unveils their second compilation album

For trap-heads and beyond.

OTHERWRLD has released their second compilation titled Horizon. This 14 track project is jam-packed with underground trap superstars, shining a well-deserved light on the immense talent in this scene.

If you're unfamiliar with the OTHERWRLD, it's time to get with it.

Their story originates from a discord server born to unite producers who share a passion for the same genre. The "Trap Community" discord (est. March 2022) was started by one of the OTHERWRLD founders, Baaric.

The server quickly drew attention, gaining the addition of legends like NGHTMRE and Ricky Remedy. From music "show and tell" events, Q&A's, to just chatting as friends, the community grew to include fans and producers alike. It soon became evident from the talent within this group that "Trap Community" could be something even bigger.

In summer of 2022, Baaric and trap community leader Christopher Capasso transformed the server into the OTHERWRLD label. The goal was to expand the inclusivity to more than just trap as well as share their music to the world outside of their discord.

"OTHERWRLD is by artists, for artists," Chris said. "We wanted to amplify the voices that deserve to be heard."

SURGE, the debut OTHERWRLD compilation, released in September of last year. It showcased some of the underground artists that have been a part of their community and gained the live support of DJs playing across the country.

Now arrives Horizon, OTHERWRLD's second compilation that shows an even broader range of talent from the community.

Appearing previously on SURGE, BADLIKE returns to kick off Horizon with his track Bring It Up. This song was very deliberately placed as the opener. It has the attention-grabbing, kinetic bass sounds that epitomize the original OTHERWRLD vision.

The second track is Trust by Dravyn. This one starts off with an enticing chant that reappears throughout the song. With two wicked drops, Trust continues to encapsulate the energy introduced in the opening track.

BADLIKE (left), Dravyn (right). Photos via @the.otherwrld

CORTR is next up with his song Flare. He has always been big on melodic, emotional sounds, and these elements are undeniable in this song. It's perfect for the New Zealand based producer's first OTHERWRLD release, as he's been a member of their community for a while.

"I was so stoked to be approached by OTHERWRLD having been a huge fan of their first compilation," he said. "It was an instant yes when they asked for the track."

Take me by KAT is the fourth track on Horizon. The glitchy vocals paired with a bouncy melody make for a catchy tune you'll probably have stuck in your head for days. This is also the young producer's first original release under this name, and it's an absolute anthem.

CORTR (left), KAT (right). Photos via @cortrmusic & @the.otherwrld

Cerdin delivers the fifth track titled FLIGHT!. This song has an uplifting, euphoric energy to it that really represents its title. In the later half there's even an jumpy kick drum switch up to snap us out of the trance induced by the rest of the song.

Money by SAVYER brings an old-school meets new-school vibe to the compilation. Along with some classic trap sounds, SAVYER intertwines his own spice into this track to deliver something fresh and unique.

Cerdin (left), SAVYER (right). Photos via @cerdinsound & @the.otherwrld

The next track is an outlier for a few reasons. Right off the bat, The Sound by Threadweavers will pull you in with a haunting opening narrative. It then becomes evident that we have a raging drum and bass tune on our hands. There's no other track like this in the OTHERWRLD discography, and to make it even more interesting, Threadweavers achieved their first label release ever on OTHERWRLD totally anonymously. Their identities remain a mystery.

Jericho by Aroha has a jungle feel to it while still embracing trap elements. This is Aroha's second OTHERWRLD appearance following his song on SURGE, so it's no surprise he brought an A-Game track for his return.

Threadweavers (left), Aroha (right). Photos via @the.otherwrld

The ninth song on this compilation is Fit In by MaddFace and Chief Street. This track starts of with a sick intro meant to give its listeners something to groove and dance to right from the get-go. When the drop hits, we're blasted with a filthy bassline.

High-energy king Virus Mafia is next with a very personal song titled Roots. Originally from Peru, he paid homage to his country with this one.

"Roots was created with the intention of never forgetting where I come from, what I went through, and to give it the meaning of home," Virus Mafia said. "I used percussions from my hometown in Peru and also tried to blend them with my vision in music."

With such a special track, he said there was no better place for Roots to release than on OTHERWRLD.

MaddFace (left), Chief Street (center), Virus Mafia (right). Photos via @the.otherwrld

OTHERWRLD legends Xerxes and Valdeez team up on Been Around The Block to bring us another hybrid trap banger that embodies the OTHERWRLD sound. Both of these producers had singles on SURGE that have been rinsed on major stages by trap-stars like Ekali and Flosstradamus. Their track on Horizon started from working with an OTHERWRLD sample pack, making it a full circle moment for them. Simply put, Xerxes and Valdeez proclaim that Been Around The Block is for the culture.

WARP2ME by Killmatter brings a whole different vibe to the table. This song is one for you to hug your friends, jump, and scream the words to. It's a true bass house festival banger.

Valdeez (left), Xerxes (center), Killmatter (right). Photos via @the.otherwrld

The second to last song on Horizon is Manifest. Bafu has created new waves (pun intended) in the OTHERWRLD discography with this expressive, dynamic track. As a well recognized member of the wave music scene, Bafu is the perfect representative for this genre on the OTHERWRLD.

We reach a melodic end to this ridiculously loaded compilation with Downfall by System Kids and OTHERWRLD father Baaric. This song is part of a two piece story that started with Baaric's last single on OTHERWRLD titled Losing Control.

"When I initially started making this song (Downfall), it sat on my computer unfinished for a while," Baaric said. "It ended up as a full circle moment being a collab with one of my best friends. It's like perfectly closing a story that was never meant to be opened."

Bafu (left), System Kids (right). Photos via @the.otherwrld

Horizon is a beautifully executed project on a very unique label. OTHERWRLD is well on its way to engraving its name in the trap history books. It's so evident the passion that has gone into not just this release, but every release on this label prior. From the artwork, to the artist spotlights, to the support and excitement within the community surrounding each release, OTHERWRLD has created a real family around a deeply shared love for trap and music in general.

Baaric playing Downfall at Time Nightclub LA (4/14/23).

Coming up, the OTHERWRLD team hopes to move into the live scene soon. They aim to play curated events and showcases to highlight the artists in their community. We can also expect to see more releases from them this year, including a handful of singles and EPs.

"None of this would be possible without the continued support of the artists and listeners in our community, as well as everyone playing our songs out live," said co-founder Chris. "There's a lot of purpose behind the way we move and it means the world to see our vision resonating with people."

The future is looking intensely bright for this young, but powerful label. To keep up with their releases and to become a part of the community, follow their Instagram and join their discord. You won't want to miss what they have coming.

Stream Horizon now on all platforms!


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