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Akeos is out for blood with the 'Bloodlust EP' on Disciple

The bass queen and former Never Say Die legend is back with a vengeance on her debut Disciple EP.

Akeos' Bloodlust EP is out now on Disciple and shows exactly why she was noticed by Noisia in 2019 before taking the entire scene by storm with her mind-boggling production and versatility over the past four years.

That versatility was on full display on this EP as we got some of the crunchy riddim (or trench, if you're about that life) that we're accustomed to with both collabs on the EP, but the solo tracks by Akeos were bass house and drum n' bass.

Akeos told us a few of her thoughts on the EP and tracklist and had this to say:

"I am really stoked for this EP. It was relatively hard to get down ideas that I was content enough with but I'm glad it all worked out in the end, she said. I hope everyone enjoys the variety on it as much as I do, just like the Flesh Garden EP. Big thanks to viwiv and Telemist for being a part of this project, too! I am really excited for everyone to hear those collabs."

The two collabs on this EP are with Telemist and viwiv and both of them flex the sound design that makes Akeos such a special producer. The percussive elements paired with the near atonal stabs and intricate drum patterns had us on the edge of our sets from beginning to end on Comin' With Me and Fate.

Try Again is an adventure in bass house and sparks comparisons to stalwarts of the genre such as Habstrakt or Michael Sparks while Bleeding Candle is a drum n' bass roller with sound design that would make Noisia proud, yet again.

This is all a long winded way of saying "This EP was insane, go check it out for yourself." We encourage you to do exactly that. Stay tuned for further investigations.


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