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AlienPark's latest signature stomper 'You Know' proves why he's the hottest upcomer in South America

Venezuela's favorite dubstep producer is back at it again, this time with a self release that makes up his third release of 2023.

It's not often that people in America aggressively stream artists from Venezuela, especially in the EDM realm. Yet AlienPark has proven himself as a hardworking producer whose sound we can't seem to get enough of.

After coming out swinging in January with his FOCUSS collab, Anarchy, he is back for more with another mind-blowingly heavy stomper by the name of You Know.

The Venezuelan-born producer has spent much of the past three years putting out heavy tracks on labels such as Subsidia, Rude Service and DPMO.

He has a signature sound that our head banging family can instantly recognize — You know when you hear an AlienPark drop. His sound design and flow are unique to him, resulting in massive support from the likes of Excision, LAYZ, Illenium and other tastemakers.

"You Know is one of my most characteristic tracks, it has the energy I always aim to give to my fans," AlienPark said. "The song came together so smoothly and I was thrilled with the results. After sitting on this song for quite some time, I’m very excited to get it out!”

One of the things that stands out about many tracks by AlienPark are the horns in the intro which do a great job of building hype and suspense into the first buildup and drop.

The first drop is a very recognizable AlienPark flow, with triplets which keeps the energy up and makes the track feel very "stompy."

The second drop is a continuation of the first and builds onto it with some great sustain basses and growls, but still keeps a very similar flow to the first drop.

The final drop of the track uses similar bass sounds, but the flow switches from triplets to a quarter note flow with a sustain bass—a flow we all know and love. It does a great job of tying the rest of the track together and keeping the idea very authentic to the AlienPark project.

He's another one of our 2023 watchlist artists is putting out another banger. Keep your eyes peeled for more AlienPark bangers moving forward.


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