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Big Dub's 12th anniversary brings Ray Volpe, Ace Aura, Stoned Level + more

Shaking the mountain, community comes first at this dubstep festival held in the woods.

This year's Big Dub Festival is jammed with four stages of lovable dubstep artists, video games and even a Catalina wine mixer.

Hosted by the founders of Nightmare Festival and Dreamscape Festival, the 2022 Big Dub Festival will take place at Four Quarters Farm located at Artemas, Pennsylvania on July 26-31.

Big Dub is a five-day festival event that's been one of the longest-running on the North Eastern United States coast. This year marks its 12th anniversary, jam-packed with activities and artists.

Some long-time favorites include Barely Alive, Bear Grillz, Riot Ten, Say My Name who are currently headlining this event. They will be supported by Ray Volpe, Shizz Lo, Bandlez, Stoned Level and many other upcoming rising artists.

Check out the full 2022 lineup below:

Festival General Manager John Normoyle said that while a decent chunk of artist bookings have been carried over from the 2020 lineup, they've seen tons of interest from artists wanting to perform.

"There is no secret that competition for talent is becoming much more competitive, especially for smaller events, but Big Dub has a resiliency for always securing diverse top-tier talent," Festival General Manager Normoyle said. "Did we get everyone we wanted on this lineup? Of course not, but we don't consider anyone that made it a second choice by any means."

Things that you all should know about Big Dub Festival is that it's great for first-time attendees. There are thrilling activities that spark interest and catch eyes.

With activities such as fire performances at the Big Dub Fire Circle, a Catalina Wine Mixer, glass blowing, painters and video games, this event truly encompasses what it means to be a full-fledged festival.

"Big Dub has always been a community-driven event. Most of our activities come from our patrons - whether it's a theme camp or a yoga session. Because of this, we are consistently bringing new activities. 2022 has the largest activities application response to date, and we are happy to say that there will be a considerable amount of new content added to the list of returning ones," said Festival General Manager John Normoyle.

For all the newcomers that is coming to Big Dub, you're going to love it so much. If you have any questions while on site, the staff members of Big Dub will happily assist and to ensure you are having the greatest time. If you need any tips on any survival guide to bring with you for this event. Please check the preparation guide here. The preparation guide will come in handy.

To Further your investigation into Big Dub Festival, find it on their social media: Instagram / Facebook


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